Standard-Tech’s Achievements
With leading business volume of UL project in Asia-Pacific region and even the world, Standard-Tech has cooperated with UL for more than ten years on various sectors such as lighting, appliances, wire & cable and furniture, etc.
UL’s First Preferred Partner Lab of Lighting Industry in Asia under the widest and most comprehensive recognized scope
The Eenergy Eefficiency (EE) Laboratory established by Standard-Tech has been recognized by A2LA & EPA, achieving a high market share.
Standard-Tech became the first participant lab of UL's Preferred Partner Program for furniture supplies in the world and cooperated with UL to develop testing service for furniture.
CBTL for Wire & Cable assists UL to complet the testing required by different countries.Test reports are accepted by more than 30 countries around the world.
In 2016, Standard-Tech has established and maintained a good long-term cooperative relationship with Metrue Inc. as its Sister Company and jointly offer EE testing services for overseas manufacturers.
Directly completed the UL testing for various plugs by the laboratory of Standard-Tech in compliance with UL817/UL498 standard.
Directly completed the UL testing for various switches by Standard-Tech.The UL certification will be issued after Standard-Tech's test data is reviewed and approved by UL.
Certification Advantage
High-efficient and one-stop services for safety, EE and EMC certifications.
Local High-efficiency testing and certification services
UL authorized laboratory at the highest level and the most efficient local platform
More than 20 years of experience in certification and solid technical strength
Leading testing capabilities and service efficiency for UL certification in the industry
All-the-way tracking conducted by an experienced team of engineers
Internationally-recognized EE testing laboratory
NETC GuangzhouHeadquarters
Ms. Susan Xu
Tel : 020-32032800 / 32290275
Fax : 020-32290422 / 32290556
Add : 19/F,Block 7,Country Garden Carat Square,No.75 Yaotianhe Street,Guangzhou Science City, Guangzhou 511356,China
NETC NingboLaboratory
Mr. Tom Xiao
Tel : 0574-87468902, 87836802
Fax : 0574-87835902
Add : 2nd floor,Block B,Ningbo Testing and Certification Base,No.66 Qingyi Road,Ningbo National Hi-Tech Zone,Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
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